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Rapid Email Prototyping

Maizzle is a framework that helps you quickly build HTML emails with Tailwind CSS and advanced, email-specific post-processing.

Supercharge your email workflow

Maizzle empowers you with modern web development tools, enabling fast email prototyping while keeping your entire team on-brand.

Tailwind CSS

Who said CSS frameworks should only be used for websites?

Maizzle uses the Tailwind CSS framework, so you can rapidly prototype beautiful, on-brand HTML emails. Forget about writing inline styles.

  • Utility-first CSS

    Tailwind provides low-level utility classes that let you style emails much faster than writing inline CSS.

  • Component-friendly

    Some projects are complex, so you can extract component classes from repeated utility patterns, if you really need to.

  • Fully customizable

    Easily create or bring in your own email design system, keeping everyone in your team on-brand.

module.exports = {
  prefix: '',
  important: true,
  separator: ':',
  theme: {
  screens: {
    sm: {'max': '600px'},
    dark: { raw: "(prefers-color-scheme: dark)" },
  colors: {
    transparent: 'transparent',
    inherit: 'inherit',
  spacing: {
    px: '1px',
    '0': 0,
    '2': '2px',
    '4': '4px',


Code with markup you already know.

  • Bring Your Own HTML

    No need to learn custom syntax or adapt your templates to it. Use your existing HTML, it'll just work.

  • Supercharged by PostHTML

    PostHTML gives your HTML superpowers, enabling you to write complex logic with simple, text editor-friendly markup.

<extends src="layouts/base.html">
  <block name="template">
    <table class="w-600 sm:w-full">
        <td class="text-base text-gray-700">
          <h2>Article title</h2>
          <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</p>

Build Environments

Custom build scenarios, easily configured in JavaScript.

Using fake data locally, but fetching from an API in production? Prettified email markup for your colleagues? All possible.

  • CLI Commands

    Each environment config enables its own CLI build command, so you can build the same templates in as many ways as you need.

  • Opt-in Transformers

    Choose which post-processing transformations Maizzle applies to your HTML emails on a build environment-basis.

  • Override from Template

    Define or override data for each template just before it's compiled, through YAML Front Matter variables.

// config.production.js
module.exports = {
  build: {
    assets: {
      source: './src/assets/images',
      destination: 'images',
    destination: {
      path: 'build_production',
      extension: 'html',
    tailwind: {
      css: './src/assets/css/main.css',
      config: 'tailwind.config.js',


Maizzle Features

Customizable tools, crafted for email development

Premium Templates

Kickstart your project with premium email templates
Built with Tailwind CSS in Maizzle 👌

“Maizzle is a 💯 option for building properly-rendering email code using modern web technologies like Tailwind CSS, static site generators, and JavaScript.”

Ted Goas
Design @ StackOverflow

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