Installing Maizzle


Maizzle needs a few tools installed on your machine.


You'll need Node.js installed. Either download and install the LTS version from the link, or use this command to check if you already have it:

node -v


The maizzle new command for scaffolding a new project works by cloning a Git repository, so you'll also need to have Git installed.

Check if you already have it by running this command:

git --version


Maizzle consists of:

  • a CLI tool
  • the Framework
  • a Starter project

When developing emails on your local machine with Maizzle, you tipically run a CLI command inside your Starter project directory.

That command asks the Framework to build the emails inside your current project, based on config files that it finds in there.

With that in mind:

Install the CLI

Install the CLI tool globally, so the maizzle executable gets added to your $PATH:

npm install -g @maizzle/cli

Create a project

maizzle new

This will bring up an interactive prompt which will guide you through the setup:

maizzle new interactive prompt

Of course, you can also skip the prompt and scaffold a project immediately:

maizzle new

Once that's done, change your current directory to the project root:

cd maizzle

Congratulations, you can now start using Maizzle!

Start local email development by running the serve command:

maizzle serve

Ready for production?

maizzle build production

Check out the Commands for more info.